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  • Succeed by practicing failure

    Succeed by practicing failure

    My son had the ability to ride his bike without stabilisers, but all he was lacking was the confidence. He needed to get over the fear of failure and the fear of falling off. So I unbolted the training wheels and helped my son on to his bike. And then we just practiced falling off,…

  • All things must pass

    Funerals are never easy. I’m sure many mourners find themselves lamenting that missed opportunity to say ‘goodbye’ properly. I’ve never had that chance to share that opportunity with any of those I’ve lost. A final farewell as the coffin is committed is the closest I’ve ever come. And that’s the moment when it becomes real;…

  • Bye bye Spiderman

    Bye bye Spiderman

    I had a poignant moment this evening with my son. There was an element of sadness in that moment, but also beauty and it was something that will stay with me for the rest of my life.