My first four years using a website

WordPress logo four year registration anniversary notification
The nifty badge I received for my first four years of owning a WordPress website!

I finally managed to push my own personal WordPress website live this evening. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages, but happily enough I’ve recently had plenty of client work to keep me out of trouble so I only just got round to it. The curse of being a web designer is that it’s always your own site that gets pushed to the bottom of the pile!

No sooner had I set my site live and connected it to via the JetPack plugin I got a notification from in my dashboard congratulating me on my four-year anniversary.

This struck me as an odd coincidence. I remember signing up for a account all those years ago just as an experiment to see whether I could get into the habit of blogging.

I remember trying to write my first post on my Samsung Jet smartphone just before going to bed one evening. I had no idea what to write about, and tapping out a post on a tiny screen was far too much of a challenge. I gave up on trying to write blog posts pretty quickly…

A fresh start

So four years to the day precisely, I’m starting afresh with my own self-hosted WordPress blog. I’ve worked with the WordPress content management system as a web designer and developer for years but never really found a way to get the content side of things together.

So now, having worked on the production line itself, building and maintaining so many content vehicles, I’ve decided it’s finally time to get behind the wheel myself.

Let me help you with your WordPress website

Why not have a word with me if you’ve outgrown your website? Or perhaps you’re interested in having a new site built from scratch that will give you the power to update your content yourself and keep your site fresh for the search engines. Whether you’d just like a personal portfolio or a website for your business, I can help.

And as for my own personal site, I’ve made a promise to the WordPress gods that I will keep it updated with engaging and insightful content. Subscribe to my RSS feed to get notified the next time I post.