To what extent can websites owned by UK Small-to-Medium Enterprises be considered accessible?


The documents presented here bring together the background work carried out in support of my study. In the near future I am hoping to add additional materials to these appendices – I have a substantial amount of supporting materials so this process may take a bit of time. If you feel that there is anything which would support your research, then please let me know and I’ll see if I can provide it.

The second research instrument employed in this research was an end–user questionnaire and the original version as presented to participants can be found under the ‘Questionnaire’ sub–section.

Naturally, it was essential for a questionnaire about web accessibility to be accessible itself. I went to great lengths to incorporate the highest level of accessibility possible into this research instrument. I accompanied the questionnaire with an accessibility policy to lend credibility to my research, and this is included under the ‘Accessibility Statement’ sub–section.