I have published my research in the hope that it may prove useful to others, in particular undergraduate students embarking upon their first piece of academic research. If you read my work, but don't directly reference it in your report, don't forget that you can help to illustrate the breadth of your background reading by adding a reference to this document to your Bibilography.

If you do paraphrase or directly quote from my work please don't forget to correctly attribute these ideas, don't be tempted to pass off my work as your own – you will get found out and any hard work which you have already put in to your research could be wasted. I have included a suggested referencing format below which uses the Harvard style of referencing, feel free to adapt to your own needs.

Pegg, Ian (2009)
To what extent can websites owned by UK Small-to-Medium Enterprises be considered accessible?, [Web Document]
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